Who We Are?
Wenxian Hongtai Water Treatment Materials Factory is a professional manufacturer
which specializes in activated carbon development and production.
we own very excellent talents including 30 senior engineers...

 What We Do?
Our products include coconut shell activated carbon, nut shell activated carbon,
coal activated carbon, wood activated carbon, etc.
which has the features of large surface area...
  • Wood Powdered Activated Carbon
  • Coal Based Granular Activated Carbon
  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
  • Coal Based Columnar Activated Carbon
  • Apricot Shell Activated Carbon
  • Coal-Based Powder Activited Carbon
  • Ferric Oxide Desulfurizer Water Treatement
  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • Caustic Soda Flake
  • Polyacrylamide/PAM
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride/PAC
  • Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate
  • Fiber Ball Filter Media
  • Anthracite Filter Media
  • Maifanite Filter Media
  • Zeolite Filter Media
  • Manganese Sand Filter Media
  • Walnut Shell Filter Media
  • Garnet Sand Filter Media
  • Quartz Sand Filter Media
  • Machine-made charcoal

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