► Who We Are?

Wenxian  Hongtai Water Treatment Materials Factory is a professional manufacturer which specializes in activated carbon development and production. After more than 10 years development, now we have more than 200 sets (units) of professional equipments with the annual production of more than 10,000 tons of activated carbon, and we own very excellent talents including 30 senior engineers, 100 technical personnel, and 1,500 employees.

► What We Do?

Our products include coconut shell activated carbon, nut shell activated carbon, coal activated carbon, wood activated carbon, etc. which has the features of large surface area, strong adsorption, good hardness, and rapid filtering. Hongtai activated carbon are mainly used for liquid phase and gas phase adsorption, Having the function of decolorization, adsorption, purification, filtering, carrier, deodorization, dryness, catching, recovery, pyrogen removing, colloid removing, etc. our activated carbon are widely used in the fields of reagent refining, pharmacy, sugar, food, beverage, wine, water treatment, chemical, electric plants, textile, environmental protection, nuclear energy, electroplate, gold refining etc.

Hongtai is hoping to cooperate with customers and agents worldwide and welcome to Hongtai for a on-site visit. 


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